Bacon and Onion Quiche

Real men don’t eat quiche, right? That’s your hook. Remember it. It’ll come up later.

Well, the Vegetarian, Kevin and I were recently in Chicago for work and pleasure. On one of the days devoted to the latter, we stopped in at the First Slice Cafe adjacent the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown. The concept of the cafe was interesting (click on the link to check it out) and it boils down to wholesome food with soul and charitable contributions from its profits to fight hunger. The servings were a bit on the spendy side but real men spend an extra couple bucks for a good cause, right?

Anyhow, whilst perusing the offerings in the display, my eyes landed upon a Sweet Onion and Bacon Quiche. So, back to the aforementioned hook. Real men, quiche, blah blah blah. Well, after an epic knock-down, drag-out battle between the Steven Seagal of my ego (back in the early 90’s Seagal, back when everyone wanted nothing more than to see him in a 3 way battle royale vs. Chuck Norris and Jean Claude Van-Damme; not the sad, bloated reality t.v. lawman Seagal that we’ve come to know and be ashamed of) and my inner Martha Stewart (The surly Martha that you just know shanked some bitch in the prison showers over a disagreement regarding whether clover or fireweed was the superior honey with which to sweeten one’s breakfast tea, not the sweet mee-maw Stewart we’re fed on t.v.), the Vegetarian said “Make up your mind, already” and I pointed like a glassy eyed 5 year old in a pastry shop and said “I wan’ that one!” I chalk it up to the fact that the bacon and onion pushed it to more of a manly breakfast sandwich category than that of a quiche (Actually, I think inner-Martha just won the battle with a festive pinecone and red velvet ribbon-decorated tire iron blow to Ego-Seagal’s windpipe).

When it comes to cooking bacon, all that splattering of the fat can really leave your kitchen in a mess. If you want something a little neater and also with less of the fat then you should check out the bacon express. It’s a really nifty little gadget just for cooking bacon. Read about it here:

It came served with a side salad of mixe… who cares. I’m not here to talk about the salad. The portion of quiche was very sizable and warmed to perfection. I was impressed. I am no quiche expert but the filling consistency was pleasant and what I would expect. Not too dense, not dry, stabbable with a fork. The pastry was good too – flaky but not dry or doughy.

The flavors came together very nicely. The onion was very sweet – I venture to guess a Vidalia or 1015, doubtfully a Walla Walla since they’re not really in season – and diced to a nice size. The bacon was chopped up to a good consistency, also – not pulverized into dust but not giant chunks, either. I’m not sure what kind of cheese was used but I’m thinking Gruyere or Gouda, perhaps. Anyhow, the flavors played well together. The sweetness of the onion, the savory aspect of the bacon and cheese all melded into a winning combination, much like the aforementioned Seagal/Norris/Van Damme rumble -everyone got their shots in and when it was all said and done, it was declared a three-way tie of awesome.

All-in-all it was a pleasant dining experience – good enough to take the wince out of the price tag. In case any of you ladies out there (or men with extra vicious inner-Marthas) wish to try your hand at this dish, I have sourced a recipe for you. I’m not sure how close a resemblance it bears to my offering from First Slice but it looks very promising. Enjoy!